Dr. Jan Wagman, Ph.D., MFT

About Dr. Jan

Education & Background

Dr. Wagman has appeared on national TV and talk radio where she has discussed her unique series of books.

After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Political Science, then earning several teaching credentials, Dr. Wagman spent the next 10 years as an Educational Therapist. Her clients, children with emotional problems, ranged in ages from 5-19. Many were juvenile offenders and others unable to adjust to life in public school.

Spurred-on by her desire to do as much as possible to help children, Dr. Wagman pursued her M.A. in Psychology and Ph.D in Human Behavior.

Once in private practice, Dr. Wagman's clientele expanded from children to their parents, as well as individuals.

One of Dr. Wagman's major passions is the plight of children and how they get embroiled in situations where they don't have a voice, such as divorce related issues, educational problems, social inadequacies and family dynamics. Many times Dr. Wagman will end up in court as their advocate or as an expert witness.

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