Dr. Jan Wagman, Ph.D., MFT


“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not, himself, find peace.”

— Albert Schweitzer

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Why the Need for a Psychotherapist?

Anger, frustration, hopelessness - these are just some of what I call the “emotional barbed wire” that prevents people from freeing themselves of the problems that create lives filled with despair, anxiety and fear. A psychotherapist is trained to help people find ways out of their emotional prisons and into the emotional freedoms they long for.

Children, especially, need the guidance and support of a psychotherapist when divorce, child custody battles, school, peers or home problems overwhelm their lives.

Due to my unusual background as a special education teacher and educational therapist along with degrees in psychology, Marriage, Family Therapy and Human Behavior, I have created a unique therapeutic method — Therapeutic Mentoring™.

Combining psychotherapeutic principles with educational precepts, I am able to quickly help clients focus in on the real issues that trouble them, help them discover a variety of potential solutions, and educate clients how to implement those solutions.

My goal? To help you evolve from saying: “I want to” - to - “I'm going to” - to- “I'm doing it!”

Solution Focused Therapy

  • Identify the problem
  • Establish a goal
  • Explore paths to the goal
  • Create a plan to achieve the goal
  • Learn how to use tools to reach the goal
  • Practice, practice, practice

Jan's Popular Lecture Topics

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  • “If You Don't Raise Your Kids, They'll Raise Themselves”
  • “Staying One Step Ahead of Your Kids”
  • “Corners - A Philosophy of Lose-Lose”
  • “Midnight Talks”
  • “Running Away Without Leaving Home”

Emotional Tune-ups

Check out “Emotional Tune-ups” (ETUs) on the services page. An ETU may be all that you need.